Horse Boarding Montgomery County, PA

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Experienced care and a tranquil setting...






We offer civilized field boarding with amenities for horses and owners. Our current board rate is $325 per month - field board.


Our horses enjoy spacious turnout more than ample for galloping and self exercise, with feeding area set on compacted mud free rolled grit base,  shade tree canopy to shield summer sun and rolling, hillside buffer from blowing winter winds.  No flat, barren fields with tiny run in sheds...this is a diverse and interesting setting.  

There is a very large shelter, with shade cloth and clean footing, which provides a variety of separated areas to get inside.  This design minimizes crowding and conflict.  

We can also provide temporary stall or private paddock keep, administer  concentrates or meds, and most care services.  Three experienced caretakers live and work on the property

Our favorite passtime are our group trailrides  ~~ just two miles to Green Lane Park; see Trailriding page.  $15 hauling fee applies to most local parks. Pack a lunch!

There is an on site lit all weather riding arena and wooded trail and jump course.  We also hack out the back gate for a tour thru quiet country roads with beautiful scenery. 

The following annual shots are required for all horses  - Eastern/Western Encephalitis/Tetanus/Flu (commonly known as "four way shot"), rabies, and current (within three months) strangles vaccination - and strangles vaccination every six months when living in our herd. Negative coggins test is required.  





 When selecting a stable, avoid swamplands and ponds...swarms of mosquitos at night/green flies during the day, critters such as opossums that carry neuroligic (EPM, West Nile) and other diseases.Look for toxic (red maple, etc.) trees and plants in the pasture. Spreading manure/bedding on pastures is spreading parasites and foul waste - unacceptable stewardship. Horses don't understand that the snow covered frozen pond won't hold their weight; you need to. Rats and mice?  If you see or smell them, steer clear.

Horses require tree stands or other substantial windbreaks, shade, topography and buildings that shelter from blowing winter winds and blazing sun.    Most are fine outdoors, in reasonable conditions.  Some breeds need good waterproof blankets - in fact we recommend and even sell the best brand we could find.  New materials and designs make leaving them on a reasonable and comfortable option.

We all love beautiful huge fields...but can anyone monitor your horse from that far away?  Do you feel OK walking THAT far to bring them in? 

Look for farm owners who live within eye sight of the herd, and are experienced, responsible, sober and caring (as evident by a well managed property and friendly horses), and lay of the land that is possible to monitor.  Ask to visit when other boarders are present; pay attention to the atmosphere and type of people you and your horse will be around. Pay attention to how the resident horses react to their regular handlers.  They have a lot to tell you, too.

NO PLACE IS PERECT, but have a critical look around ..know what it takes to keep your horse SAFE,  healthy and happy.  Consider these issues, go with a list of things that are important to you,  and avoid the problems and discomforts.  



Below - Main Barn

Lit all weather surfaced riding arena with 6' rail

Summer fly screen on one of the run in areas. also served by three industrial sized fans and fly killing systems!

We believe horses were meant to live in a socially interactive environment, with unrestricted exercise.  Most thrive in the companionship of a relaxed herd and its a must that there be no shortage of forage.  We have experienced many turn arounds in personality and performance when our horses are kept in this manner. Horses suffer and develop anxiety and vices when kept in a confined and socially devoid existence.  Consider that a stall (size for size) is like you living much of every day in a walk in closet or bathroom.  What personality issues would you develop? 

Pasture View - Adjacent woods provide shade; windmill and cistern for full time fresh water.


Full Time Security Team...


Obstacles and jumps in wooded riding area...

Constantly providing forage leads to quieter, healthier and happier horses...

Stop in or call anytime.  We welcome reference checks.  See our Reference page.  Better yet, come see what our horses have to tell you. 

Eleanor E. Vallone
(610) 850-4992