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We offer safe and comfortable layover/quarantine facilities, at two  separate locations.  Some photos are here -

Our quarantine services started when we bailed three horses from  That introduced us not only to a new way of helping, but to the real needs of long distance rescuers.  So, layover horses are treated like our own.  They are given full time quality hay, clean and safe surroundings, large shelters or open stalls with fly screens during the season, and otherwise caring, kind handling. We typically set up a photobucket (see below) and add photos on a regular basis, to keep the owners up to date.

Layover and quarantine are $15 per day.  Hauling (pick up at AC4H and return to our farm) is $85.  Large draft horse hauling fee is $100; large draft horse quarantine care is $20 per day.    Payments via paypal

Why quarantine, and for how long?  Here is an excellent article -


Veterinary Services

Vets local to our farm are the following:

Quakertown Veterinary Clinic, Quakertown, PA l Have on site lab for coggins tests.

Carl Seybolt, VMD Chalfont, PA 215 489 3159 -- THIS IS OUR FARM VET.

Dale Schilling, VMD  Blue Bell, PA

John R Dunn, VMD 610-469-0102

Teeth Floating

John - 484 201 7330

Howard Wray 610-641-0969

Mark Cheshire 610-644-1005

If arranging a vet check, please make sure the veterinary service has your cell phone number if you won't be present, so they can communicate to you directly any questions  or comments they have during their service.  Please ask the vet to report to you on the status of the horse's teeth (whether or not they need filing).  You may also wish to have a fecal taken, to determine how the horse is doing with his worming program.  This is relatively inexpensive. This is also the time to have any vaccinations you need completed.  Many boarding barns will only accept a vet certificate as proof of vaccination.   Here, or with any other horse you may be vet checking, you can ask for blood to be drawn and frozen for a month or so.  If you are concerned about the horse later, this blood will be "on file" and can be tested for sedatives or anti-inflamatory medications. We administer no anti-inflamatory drugs or sedatives to our horses, although we have heard many people express concern about their prior purchases.  This is one way to eliminate that uncertainty.

Excellent site about drugs and interactions for horses:$department/deptdocs.nsf/all/hrs3718


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