Southeastern PA Trail Riding Options

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One of my greatest pleasures is filling up our 20' stock trailer for a day trip to Green Lane, Evansburg Park, Valley Forge, Lake Ontalaunee, Birdsboro...  So, for Val's Corral Horse Owners  -- I am very happy to offer a terrific opportunity to get you on trail.  On a weekly, sometimes more frequent, basis we will haul your horse to one of the local parks.  Our rides are usually 4 hours. We can accomodate from the slowest walk pace to the most spirited getalong gallopers ~~  we do that by "buddying up" and rounding back for strays.


To Green Lane or Perk Trail - $10.  Other parks - $15.   Riders pitch in to  clean out the trailer both when we arrive at the trailhead and when we get back to the barn.  Parks at a greater distance when there are fewer riders,  there may be an additional charge. 

There are organized week long rides as well.  Always someplace different and a wonderful, relatively inexpensive,  way to vacation with your horse.

Note:    We park adjacent to trees and hitching posts for tying. Tying to trailer may cause injury and/or dents, so should be avoided.

Here are some photos/video from our trips....

I'll normally state the length and difficulty of the ride, if I know it.  I am not always the ride leader, so cannot always be clear about these issues.  If you have concerns we can't answer about the pace, difficulty or length of the ride, its best you wait for another ride.

There's so much out there.  Here are a few links to get you started...  This is my favorite club!  Go to Events

Blue Spruce Riding Club -


My bucket list -


RIDING THE GREEN LANE LOOP RIDE:    I love to show people our trails.  But, for your happiness and safety, please read the following: 

There are many options to ride in Green Lane, some of which are quite tame and easy.  When we do the Green Lane Loop Ride this is more difficult, and there are things you need to know....

If you ride with boots on your horse, know that some wet flat rock crossings make for slippery and dangerous conditions with booted (and barefoot) horses.  If you are OK with that, we are too - but dismounting and being able to re-mount would be quite handy.

If your horse is not suited to traversing rocky and sometimes steep terrain, if you or your horse "must be in the lead",  if you will be tired and complaining about it, if you cannot comfortably trot or gait along with a group of riders at a moderate trot pace, if you tend to gallop off willy nilly with no "rear view mirror", if you misinterpret an uncomfortable or nervous horse for a horse that "needs a run", any of the preceding - then you would be best skipping our rides.
If you love beautiful scenery, are as fit as you expect your horse to be, and both you and your horse can  comfortably handle three and a half hours (or thereabout) on a wide variety of terrain at a walk/trot/moderate canter pace,  THIS IS FOR YOU!!!  WELCOME...we look forward to seeing you there.
Safe riding!