Health Enhancing Diet

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Anyone who knows me well knows I suffered severely from sinus and stress migraines, for years.  In 2011 I had a serious health challenge, which led me to research how our bodies work.  I learned that whatever your issue is, treating the symptoms may bring temporariy relief but its like blowing up the fire truck because they are always at a fire.  You aren't getting to the real issue. 

Here are some of the things I learned.  All of my symptoms are gone now, and life is good ....

I roughly follow the Joanna Budwig Diet protocol. Go ahead and google that name.  I thought this would make me gain weight, but although my daily calorie intake is way up, I lost weight.  I also have been so extremely nourished by this diet that I rarely feel any sort of hunger or urges.   

The trick is to make it easy on yourself.  Make up the flax seed oil/cottage cheese mix (FOCC for short) Use it to top a muesli mix in the morning.  Use that mix with all sorts of fruit and nuts/raisens/cinammon/apples or oranges - whatever appeals at the moment. Our FAVORITE is a frozen banana/almond milk/FOCC shake!  No guilt delicious.

Another must is to get two tablespoons of fresh ground flaxmeal (grind that in a coffee grinder) in some yoghurt, topped with a little maple syrup or stevia and fruit, once a day.

Forget the calories!  This stuff works.  Some of my friends started using the mix and frozen bananas to make a morning and late afternoon "shake". One lost 54 lbs, so far, one lost 33, one lost 22...amazing.

Gluten free, sugar free, food additive free and loving it.  Here's a recipe for gluten free "bread" that takes minutes to make.  Really!  Stevia is the sweetener of choice.  Three quarts of liquids a day - goes easy with green tea/stevia/a whole lemon.  Another interesting health elixir is called Kombucha Tea. Google that! If you want a starter, I'll be happy to send one your way.   Many colorful vegetables and lovely dressings take the place of meat in our diet. I wouldn't go back; meat is now so boring. And, have a look at this...

On this protocol, my cholester and blood pressure dropped, allergies are gone, energy is great.  All makes sense when you read up on what's happening in your system. 

Want a start to understanding food/health?  Watch the documentary "Forks over Knives".  Read "Wheatbelly". Life over Cancer/Keith Block, browse some of the Budwig sites. And, try this plan if you want some good news from your doctor, for a change... Need to know where you may be off course internally?  Contact  They can recommend blood tests and eating protocols to correct underlying deficiencies.  They do it all "by remote", no need to travel to State College (where they have an office).

Cheers ~~