Perkiomen Trail Club

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Love to ride?  Not enough time and/or funds to support a horse of your own?  Are you experienced, kind and caring?  Our horse co-op may be just right for you.


We are anticipating a move to our new farm on the Perkiomen Trail in  2016.  We plan to gather some exceptional horse citizens to join us for the Perkiomen Trail Club.  These horses will be selected primarily for temperment and stability on the trail, although their skills will extend well beyond that.   

As a member of the Perkiomen Trail Club you will be entitled to full time barn access, and riding (no more than three rides per week).  Horses are not to be ridden more than once per day and a stall card will be kept to indicate their availability.  Although the club will be governed by its members, some basic rules will be observed by all - generally dealing with the well being and safety of the horse and its rider. 

Our new farm will include large outdoor arena, adjacent trail access with easy hack to Green Lane Park, all of our traditional "Val's Corral" organized off site rides and weekends, and opportunities to haul out to local shows.

Membership initiation fee - $350.  Monthly fixed fee - $250.  You do not participate in ancillary expenses such as vet, farrier, etc.  A good variety of tack will be available, or you may use your own if appropriately fitted to the horse.

If you currently own a horse and have time and/or financial constraints, you may want to consider donating your horse to the club and joining as a member.  Membership initiation fee is waived in this event. 

 Contact us to be placed on a list for future membership.  Happy trails ~~  Eleanor